Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Criminals Steal Their Guns

Surprise, surprise! Criminals don't go to a gun store and BUY a gun. They STEAL them, or find someone in a back alley somewhere and buy one out of the trunk of his car. This is a BIG STORY in Columbia, MO. Gun store owners have noticed a significant INCREASE in the number of gun owners calling to find out the serial numbers of the guns they purchased, which tells them the gun was stolen, and the owner needed that number for the cops. They say they used to get one or two such calls a month, but now are getting them at the rate of one or two a DAY. The cops say it's hard to say how many guns are stolen because they put those numbers in with stolen laptops, jewelry, and all other property thefts. Which is a damned fool thing to do, since it makes it impossible to know that gun thefts are becoming a major problem. (ABC 17 News)

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