Monday, November 14, 2016

DOJ to FBI: "Stand Down!"

That’s the word given the FBI by an “official” of the Department of Justice (DOJ), according to the Wall Street Journal. When asked, by an assistant director if they were “ordering” the FBI to “back off” on a viable investigation, the DOJ “official” backed off, and said, “No.” But the DOJ has been doing everything it can to derail the investigation, and the FBI has been resisting. There was almost a rebellion IN the FBI over Comey’s announcement that, even though Hillary was guilty of many crimes, he wasn’t going to recommend prosecution because “she didn’t mean it,” regardless of the fact that INTENT “normally” made no difference when a law was broken. One law enforcement source says, “An avalanche of new information is coming in, every day.” It seems the DOJ was doing everything they could to get Hillary elected, and the FBI was trying to do its job. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama didn’t give Hillary a “blanket pardon” for any and all crimes she may have committed, as was done for Richard Nixon after he resigned. (Daily Caller)

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