Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bundys Not Guilty

The feds blew it, big time, in the Bundy case. They tried to charge and imprison Cliven Bundy’s son and others for their “armed standoff” over grazing rights in Oregon, and they LOST, big! Now they’re saying they “fear” other such “uprisings” because of the verdict. Maybe they’re right. But such “uprisings” are a basic human RIGHT. Maybe not ARMED uprisings (yet), but its only the liberals whose “uprisings” they CALL “demonstrations,” even when they contain violence, who get away with it, without them “fearing” other “uprisings” (demonstrations). They always make it sound like a catastrophe when they lose, don’t they? They did keep the old man in prison, in spite of this verdict. His “charges” are a different thing, and they intend to keep him in prison if they can. I notice the feds just HAD to do something to prove their “eminence.” When the lawyer’s argument with the judge about releasing the prisoners got a bit loud, a bunch of federal marshals jumped her and tased her—for which they all should be arrested for flagrant assault under cover of law enforcement. (Freedom’s Phoenix)

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