Sunday, November 13, 2016

No Death Threats

The organizer of one of those seemingly "ubiquitous" anti-Trump "demonstrations" is now CLAIMING that she has "received death threats" Because of her role in organizing one of those "demonstrations." Of course, she has shown no PROOF of these "threats." She can't. They don't exist, unless they are manufactured. Making unsubstantiated claims like that is an OLD Democrat/liberal scam. One they have used since--forever. It's instructive to note that so far, ALL the violence committed during, and after this election has been done by anti-Trump forces (definition: Democrat/liberal) Republicans don't have time to do violence over a FAIR election. They have JOBS, and must get up early in the morning. Notice this report is put out by a self-identified BIASED outfit that says it has "been making "Tea Partiers" cry since 2009." Yeah, They cry with laughter at their antics! (Freak Out Nation)

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