Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dead Broke to $100 Million!

Hillary and Bill claimed that, when they left the White House, they were “dead broke.” Yeah, with a $200,000 q year salary for 8 years and NO expenses, they're "dead broke." Yet, in a mere 16 years , these two, who were UNEMPLOYED during that 16 years (except for Hillary’s failed stint as Sec. Of State), are now worth $100 million dollars! How is that POSSIBLE? Overpriced speeches before groups of the very people she had to deal with as Sec. Of State. Which amounted to BRIBES, in the millions of dollars over a short time. They were selling “favors” in her then current job, and “futures” when she becomes president (she hopes). Plus paying NOTHING for many flights on other people’s airplanes. More than once, she or Bill traveled on the private plane of a “potentate” who hoped for preferred treatment, in the future. That saved many millions of dollars in travel costs—which they could apply to other things. Money is frangible. If you don’t have to spend it on things you’d normally spend it on, it’s like “getting paid” that much. (Just common sense)

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