Saturday, November 19, 2016

"Self Defense Is Illegal"

That’s what the National Park Service says, in its parks. Carrying a gun is not illegal. It is a constitutional right, and state law allows it. But they have made “discharging a firearm” for self defense, or any other reason ILLEGAL. As usual, they can’t just BAN guns altogether, so they make laws and rules that make the guns you have USELESS. If a bear attacks you, what are you to do? Just let him eat you? They say “bear spray” will do it, and MAYBE it will—if you have any handy, and if that bear is not enraged. But, failing that, you’ll just have to let the bear kill you, I guess. For my part, I’d rather face legal action by the Park Service, rather than allow myself to be killed by a bear. If they don’t like that, nasty break! If the only way to stay alive is to break the law, guess what I’ll do. (Bullets First)

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