Friday, November 18, 2016

Racists Calling Others Racist

The media are still calling Trump and his people racist. with no basis in fact, of course. Meanwhile, they are the real racists in the picture. Outside of the black against white racism that is rising fast, under the impetus of presidential approval and the influence of "Black Lives Matter. Media Research Center (MRC) says this about them: "This is why Americans are sick of you, and it’s why your ratings are in the toilet. They’re sick of left-wing journalists pointing their almighty finger at conservatives whenever they scratch their nose wrong, while totally ignoring liberals who spew all kinds of filthy, nasty mess." This is the very reason I STARTED my blogs. To help, in a small way, to "get around" the media embargo on the truth, and help get the truth out there. In the beginning, I thought the media covering up the "bad stuff" about liberals was only a few misguided souls. Now I know it is systemic. It is EXPECTED by those running things that their reporters will continue to HIDE the bad things liberals (Democrats) do, and highlight everything they think is bad the conservatives do. These people have lost the RIGHT to call others racist, through their OWN racism. (MRC TV)

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