Sunday, November 20, 2016

Keep Democrats Out!

One of the most successful CONS the Democrats use when they LOSE elections is to DEMAND "cooperation." They want to be allowed "in" on as many decisions as possible so they can UNDERMINE what the Republicans do. Do NOT "cooperate" with Democrats, in ANYTHING. If you do, they will use that as a "springboard" to gain more power for themselves in a Republican administration. Don't listen to their WHINING when you exclude them. That's how they manage to retain much of the power they LOST during the election. They have NOTHING to offer a Republican administration. They might as well change their name to "The Socialist Party of America," because that's what they are. They hid it well until Bernie Sanders "let the cat out of the bag" by ADMITTING he was a "dedicated socialist" when he ran against Hillary. He said she wasn't "socialist enough,"
while she claimed she wasn't socialist, at all.

 But you have only to look at what she espouses to see the socialism in her thinking: FREE college tuition; FREE socialized medicine; more and more people on food stamps, getting FREE food; FREE this; FREE that. Socialists never talk about who must PAY for all this "free stuff." But it is YOU if you work and earn your way in life. They TAKE an ever increasing PART of what you EARN through taxes, and GIVE it away through all kinds of disguised and non-disguised WELFARE, making it harder and harder for people who REALLY need it to get any help, at all. People who CAN'T work have their assistance reduced because there is little left after supporting the able-bodied people collecting welfare. The more Democrats there are in positions of power, the more of this that occurs. So keep these people OUT! It's "legal THEFT." (Just common sense)

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