Friday, November 4, 2016

Flawed Thinking

It should be easy to dissuade the anti-gun fools from their intended path because their entire movement is based on not one, but MANY flaws in their thinking. We should be able to show them these flaws to get them to abandon their efforts to take guns away from honest, law-abiding people, leaving them DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there, in the hands of those who will only use them to victimize them. But that isn’t possible, because they just aren’t smart enough, and they firmly IGNORE all our efforts to reason with them. Their first faulty thinking involves disarming law-abiding people who AREN’T the problem, while ignoring the “bad guys” who ARE. That gets people killed. Next is their firm opinion that all they have to do is get rid of all the guns and that will stop the “bad guys” from committing their crimes, including murder and MASS murder. Even if that were possible (which it isn’t), crime would continue, using other weapons, or even their bare hands. Then comes their firm conviction that all they have to do is make a LAW against gun ownership, and CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will somehow obey it, and get rid of their illegal guns. That’s just a pipe-dream. There are many more examples of their ignorance, but I just don’t have room here to list them all. (Just common sense)

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