Thursday, November 3, 2016

"It Ain't Cuttin' It!"

Obama has ADMITTED that Obamacare ain’t cuttin’ it. So now he’s offering an “alternative program” they can get if they want. What that “alternative program” is, is “single-payer (government) system.” The government bureaucrats, of course, would CONTROL what is, and is not covered, not your doctor, and not you. It’s what he wanted, all along, but he knew he had to give you something else that you’re guaranteed not to be able to afford, so you’ll be quick to “jump for it” when offered the alternative to the other program you’re REQUIRED to buy, whether or not it costs TWICE as much as what you had before, for less coverage, since he forced insurance companies to cancel you. Your deductibles are now in the thousands of dollars, making the “insurance” WORTHLESS. It’s massive CON, and we (not me) fell for it. (Freedom’s Phoenix)

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