Saturday, November 12, 2016

Calif. Gun Laws Don't Work

They have failed miserably. Just look at one city: Sacramento cops are confiscating an average of one new gun every 6 hours, and just about all of them are ILLEGAL. They’re confiscating more guns every year, which means their laws against felons being able to get their guns are totally INEFFECTIVE. In spite of all their laws, gun sales to felons continue apace, increasing every year. The cops attribute the increase in confiscations of guns to “better police work.” More likely, it is due to more guns being sold out of some crook’s car trunk in a back alley somewhere, to another crook. Crooks don’t obey laws. That’s why we call them crooks. They’re also known as “lawbreakers.” We need laws that add significant time to their convictions for other crimes if they use a gun, and a PROHIBITION on cops or prosecutors “waiving” those “gun crime law charges” that do exist, to get convictions in other crimes, as they often do, now. That’s just laziness on the part of the cops. (Sacramento Bee)

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