Saturday, November 19, 2016

We Should Be Pleased

We have elected a man as president who has PROMISED to support our right to own and use the means to self protection, a gun. He has announced who will be in his “gun rights coalition.” Most of those named are known pro-gun activists. Of course, the anti-gun fool crowd will claim they’re just “his supporters,” being rewarded for that support. Not so. They are pro-gun activists, and will act that way in all they do. The long awaited day has come. There WILL continue to be efforts to take away our rights. But no longer will they have presidential support, which is important. Presidential support is a powerful incentive for many people. Take it away, and the effort weakens. This is what will happen under Trump. But don't get overconfident. The anti-gun fools will never give up, so keep your guard up. (Independent Journal Review)

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