Friday, June 12, 2020

"Worried About Fairness"

Nancy Peelosi says the reason she is holding up sending her “articles of impeachment” to the Senate after making many noises about the “need for speed,” is that she wants assurance that it will be a “fair trial.” I think she should have thought about that before those boring, useless, “investigations” in the House, where they denied President Trump any kind of means to defend himself, and “slammed through” their “articles” without any kind of proof of any wrongdoing on his part. She has no room to talk at all when it comes to “fairness” after that dismal performance. I think the real reason she is holding onto her “articles” is so she can hold them over Trump’s head during the upcoming election, hoping to ruin his chances for re-election. But is is NOT going to happen. The amazing increase in his donations is ample evidence that the American people have already made up their minds, on the basis of FACTS, not suppositions and innuendo. They are GOING TO re-elect him, in spite of everything this bimbo can do. They elected him to get rid of the sort of politician that is represented by Nancy Peelosi, “Pencil Neck” Adam Shiff, and “Fat Boy” Jerry Nadler. And they’re working hard to blunt his efforts before he exposes them for the political hacks they are, and their corruption. (Just common sense)

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