Friday, June 5, 2020

Defund the Rioters

The movement to defund the cops is growing among the stupid and the criminals (a repetition, there). Only the stupid or a law breaker wants to get the cops out of the picture so they can better victimize the law-abiding. But who is paying the air fare for all those losers who break into those people’s businesses, steal their property and trash what they can’t steal? Who is supplying those pallets full of bricks strategically placed in riot areas? Or the cache of guns that were found in DC close to the White House? Who are the real financiers of the riots? Somebody is. Rumors are that it is George Soros and his accomplices, but so far it is only rumors. Nobody has seen fit to do a real investigation to find out who they are. Yes, one cop kneeled on the neck of George Floyd until he died, and three other cops just stood by and watched while he murdered this man. It looks very much like simple police brutality until you think about the past association of these two men. Was there more to it than that? Did that cop have a grudge against Floyd as motive for first degree murder? It’s known that the two worked a security gig together. They knew each other a lot more than has been revealed. Will an honest investigation uncover a murder plot? Meanwhile, ignorant fools want to weaken the police, and many fool politicians are willing. Politicians in Minneapolis are talking about in fact ABOLISHING their own police force, allowing the law breakers free rein to steal from, and murder their residents with impunity, rape their women and children, and commit all sorts of crimes upon them, without worrying about the cops catching them and putting them in prison. (Just common sense)

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