Wednesday, June 10, 2020

"Gun Control Hero"

As pro-gun people, we have many real heroes, one of the most recent being the guy who brought his gun to church in Fort Worth, Texas and killed a would-be mass killer before he could kill dozens of unarmed, defenseless people. Anti-gun fools confidently tell us a “good guy with a gun” cannot ever save lives, but that’s a damned lie. They do it, every day, but the liberal, anti-gun fool media ignores it, hoping we will not notice. But are there any real “anti-gun heroes?” Have anti-gun laws EVER saved a life, as legal gun-wielding folks have, on a regular basis? Anti-gun fools count former NY Mayor Bloomberg as a hero, discounting the many people who have died because of the anti-gun laws he has promoted and seen passed. But is he a hero? Not even! He’s a fool who isn’t intelligent enough to know that what he proposes does NOT “save lives,” and only TAKES lives by disarming good people, making them defenseless in the face of the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of the law-breakers. The blood of these good people is on his hands. That makes him the same thing as a mass murderer, and he should be in prison, not enjoying his $billions and lecturing people more intelligent than he is on “gun control.” One fool wrote, “How many people must die before you give up your guns?” And one wag made a reply I can’t include here, but it’s priceless. (Reddit)

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