Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Unconstitutional Law

Virginia just passed a “gun ban law” and a “gun confiscation law.” Both are unconstitutional and those voting for them, as will as those who attempt to enforce them, should be prosecuted and imprisoned. But that isn’t going to happen, because, in one of the biggest oversights the Founders made when writing the Constitution was not to provide a penalty for making unconstitutional laws beyond having the courts reverse them. So corrupt politicians can make as many unconstitutional laws as they wish, and enforce them until the Courts declare them unconstitutional. BY then much damage has been done, to many people, sometimes even including prison time for “violating” what actually was not even a law. Making and enforcing such laws has almost become a “cottage industry” since they have no fear of being punished for getting such abominable laws passed. Politicians who pass such laws are “despots in waiting” who want to be able to “walk right over” the people without worrying about the possibility of getting shot. The very actions of those Virginia politicians to try and whip up fears of an “armed attack” since the “other side” had guns, should be something for which they should be punished. (Daily Caller)

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