Friday, June 19, 2020

Did You Know?

Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, and Washington, DC, the four cities with the toughest gun laws in the nation, put us THIRD in the WORLD in murders. Without those cities added, we’re 4th from the bottom of the list. That’s not conjecture or opinion, that’s FACT. But a fact IGNORED by those incompetent politicians who make laws that do nothing but present ILLEGALLY armed criminals with more unarmed citizens than they can rob or murder. These are hard facts. You’d think the people why SAY they want to “curb gun violence” would “tumble” to that and aim their efforts elsewhere than on the guns themselves. Guns, without evil hands holding them, can do NOTHING. They need to make laws to “Curb” the PEOPLE who USE those guns for evil purposes by giving them longer sentences for using guns to commit crimes. Don’t ban the use of guns for honest people who OBEY laws by MAKING laws to disarm them. But these incompetent politicians ignore reality and continue to make more and more USELESS laws that kill innocent people by disarming them. What will it take to make these incompetent politicians see reason? Nothing, I suppose, because reason is not part of their lexicon. (Just common sense)

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