Monday, June 22, 2020

Irresponsible Idea

That’s just one word that is applicable to those who want to dissolve the police departments in the country. Other words are, stupid, idiotic, short-sighted. Think about a rich country that had a strong army to defend itself with, that dissolves that army and disarms it. What do you think will happen when another country that wants what they have discover they are now completely defenseless? They will attack it and take it over. Trash it, and kill its people with no opposition. We’re looking at a similar situation with the cops. They are the only real defense we have against those who want to “take us over,” steal our property and money, and lord it over us. To defund or disband the cops is folly because it is an engraved invitation to the bad guys to come after us because there will be nobody to oppose them, since the government has taken away a lot of our guns and made us wonder what would happen if we used then guns we have to defend ourselves. Would they charge us with a crime for defending ourselves? The basic thing is that you do NOT get rid of your main defenses when threatened by the bad guys. That is stupidity, and therein lies DEATH. (Just common sense)

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