Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Well, Here It Comes

The “October Surprise. The “last minute” surprise accusation they’ve been saving to use if they lost on the impeachment. The Dumocrats couldn’t prove their impeachment, so here’s the last minute unprovable accusation for the Dumocrats to treat as if the accusation, without any kind of proof, is as as good as gold. Trump is guilty in their minds. They will now tout this as “proof” that Trump is a rapist. And the reason this woman never said anything until she might be able to get a sitting president impeached (again) is a question not asked. It’s the same thing as the “second and third” rape allegation against that Supreme Court nominee they brought up at the last minute in their attempts (plural) to derail the nominee’s affirmation. An attempt that failed because of the lack of any kind of proof. The accuser couldn’t even say for sure it was him. It was only an accusation, based on a hazy drunken memory of SOMEBODY raping her at a “frat party” she attended, many years ago.

Of course, the reason, as in this case, why she waited until she could derail this Supreme Court nominee’s approval was not asked. Nancy Peelosi infamously said, “Proof is not necessary. The importance of the accusation is what must be considered.” Which is completely contrary to the way we do things in this country. Even a murderer is given more protection against unfounded accusations than is this president. In this case, she can’t even remember when it happened. But of course she’s absolutely sure Trump is the man and is insisting on getting his DNA (without a warrant) so she can prove it. Never mind the accused is not required to prove his innocence, the accuser is required to prove his guilt—in the real world. The whole process in sexual misconduct accusations is unfair BECAUSE it requires no proof to ruin a man with an unproven accusation. (Headline Health)

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