Monday, June 8, 2020

Punish Bad Cops!

It’s no surprise that cop who murdered George Floyd thought he could do it and get away with it. After all, he’s done it before without punishment. The blame for that murder should be directly on his shoulders, and on the shoulders of his mayor and the other liberal politicians who run that city. If you don’t punish a cop when he gets out of line, it’s going to empower him to get out of line again, as it did with this one. He has had a total of 19 complaints of abuses of his power as a cop, with NO PUNISHMENT. Lack of punishment for such abuses has to come from the TOP. The top in Minneapolis is the mayor, whose policies led directly to this, and probably other murders. George Floyd was no saint, no matter how much the media wants to paint him as such. He has a long criminal record which includes his own violent abuses. But that record doesn’t give a cop the right to execute him summarily, over a (maybe) counterfeit $20 bill.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to find one in my own pocket, because there are many in circulation. They know this. That’s why cashiers have that ubiquitous yellow pen they use on all bills, $20 or above, presented to them. There are 800 cops in Minneapolis, and one bad one. Maybe more than that, I don’t know. Then there are three new cops, with this bad cop as their training officer. How a cop with a record like his ever got to be a training officer, I don’t know. Bad liberal politics, I guess. So should you get rid of those 796 good cops because of one bad one? Not a chance. Laws don’t enforce themselves. They need police to enforce them. It’s no secret why the lawless want to get rid of the cops. They want to be able to commit their crimes without worrying about a cop putting them in prison. Anybody seriously wanting to disband the cops is a criminal—and that includes politicians who buy the bullsh-t put out by the “disband the cops” fools. (Just common sense)

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