Thursday, June 11, 2020

"Not Obama's America"

Iran seriously underestimated us when they sent in their phony “militia” members to “storm” the American Embassy. They remember the insipid response to the Benghazi invasion of our embassy there, and think they can get away with attacking this embassy. They are going to learn very fast that President Trump is NOT the same kind of man that Obama was. They will pay a heavy price. Guaranteed. Reinforcements are on the way, and I doubt they will be using rubber bullets. Embassies are supposed to be “safe spaces” where our representatives can work for us and not worry about people wanting to hurt our people. Attacking our embassies is something doomed to failure with somebody like Trump in the White House. And it’s a scurrilous act. We are within our rights to use deadly force, and we will. Count on it. Those fools attacking our embassy think they are protected from deadly force by public opinion, but they’re not. Not after what the same kind of people did at Benghazi. We will not stand for another ambassador being murdered by a bunch of fools. Liberal fools are taunting Trump, saying, “Here’s your Benghazi.” But this is not, and will not be, anything like Obama’s wimp response and then lies he and Hillary told about it. The people attacking that embassy WILL pay, and pay heavily for that attack. Not like Benghazi, where a REPORTER was able to interview one of the leaders of the attack when Obama’s people couldn’t seem to find any of them. (Western Journal)

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