Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Ratio: 800 to 4

In Minneapolis there are 800 cops. One of them is a plain murderer who knelt with his knee on a petty criminal’s neck until he was dead. Three other cops (rookies) stood around and let it happen. Maybe they knew what the outcome would be, and maybe they didn’t. But they will be punished, nevertheless, as will that ONE cop who knowingly murdered that petty criminal—who should not have been executed for passing a (maybe) counterfeit $20 bill. But is that a good reason to punish 796 other cops, many of whom are good people doing a hard, thankless job, while being threatened by the thugs they hunt, every day? Thugs who would just as soon kill them as look at them? And often do? What about the citizens of Minneapolis, who depend on those cops to keep crime and criminals under control? Who would then become the prime targets for those criminals, who are only being held back a bit by the cops? When you’re approached by a man with a gun who wants to shoot you, and you have a gun in your hand, do you shoot him, or do you shoot him before he can shoot you? The damned fools who want to disband the police forces of this country are facing that very decision, on a grander scale. It’s either surrender to the criminals, or maintain your defense against them—which is the police force. Without the police, you are defenseless, and you WILL “go down.” It’s as simple as that. don’t “throw out the baby with the bath water.” (Just common sense)

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