Thursday, June 4, 2020

End the Police?

That’s what some people want to do. And if you examine the kind of people who are the loudest in trying to get rid of the police, they are the criminals. The terrorists. The child sex abusers. The rapists. In other words, the very people who will benefit from our stupidity if we ever let it happen. “Defund the cops?” They are the first and last line of defense in this country where the politicians can only think about disarming the law-abiding, not the law breakers. What would happen if the cops were not there? That is very predictable. It’s happening to some degree all over this country, right now. We would see a crime rate increase the like of which we have never seen because there would be nothing to stop it. It happened 100 years ago in Boston when the cops went on strike in 1919, leaving no cops to keep crime controlled. Crime skyrocketed. The murder rate rose to levels never seen before, as did all sorts of crime. They had to bring in the state militia--soldiers--to restore order. Which led to laws banning strikes involving public safety and order. That leaves one thing that becomes crystal clear: that to eliminate the police is to commit societal suicide. Honest people don’t want that. Law breakers do. Which is why they push it. (American Thinker)

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