Tuesday, June 23, 2020

It Doesn't Matter

The news media has a dilemma: which thing do they tout? The Dumocrat primaries, or Covid 19? It’s funny to see them talking about the Dumocrat rivalries as if they were important, while on a Covid 19 set. The Dumocrat race for the nomination is of little importance, since there isn’t a single Dumocrat candidate who can beat President Trump. So it just doesn’t matter which Dumocrat presents himself (or herself) to be soundly beaten by the “Trump Juggernaut.” Each and every one of them who are considered to be more important than the others are promoting policies that are so outlandish and extreme that none of them will ever gain enough support to even get close to the number of votes Trump will get. This time, there will not be a Dumbocrat “wining the popular vote while losing in the Electoral College.” The voters know Donald Trump this go-around, and he will win in a landslide, as Ronald Reagan did in his re-election. In the 2016 election they did not yet know him, only HOPED he would do what he promised, and “drain the swamp.” Since he has been making progress I doing just that while causing an economy that has broken many records, this time they will vote for him, KNOWING he is the man they want, and not the “freebies” the Dumbocrats have promised, using money they have STOLEN from the EARNERS of this country. (Just common sense)

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