Thursday, June 25, 2020

Another Church Shooting

It’s not unique. It happens all then time, and nobody (except the victims) is surprised. One day, there were THREE church attacks. Two on Jews, one on Christians (so far). The one in Texas was stopped by an armed security guard before he could kill any more people. Which again proves my thesis that the BEST defense is an armed resistance. There is no telling how many more people would have died in Fort Worth if that security guard had not been there—and been armed. In New York City, the weapon was a knife, which will not dissuade anti-gun fools from clamoring for more and tighter gun laws, while KNOWING they do NOTHING to stop such killings. New York authorities talk a big game as they “condemn” such things. Meanwhile, their laws tend to make things worse because they “coddle” the criminals who do such things. In one case where a Hasidick Jew was beaten almost to death, the perp was released the same day. That’s just wrong. (NBCDFW)

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