Thursday, June 11, 2020

Complete. Total. Stupidity

Defunding the police. Disbanding the police. What kind of dumb fool wants to get rid of the very people who “put a lid on violent crime” and keep it from taking us over? Just because there are a few damned fools who do fool things? Yes, kneeling for more than eight minutes on a man’s neck was a fool thing to do and was a textbook example of police brutality. But the vast majority of cops aren’t like that. Only a few. So why punish ALL of them? And yourselves? Because that’s what you will be doing if you get rid of the cops. That’s like disbanding the military and letting whomever wants to just come in and take us over. And that’s what you’ll be doing to your “army” if you disband the cops. You would be inviting the robbers, murderers, rapists, and all other law breakers to “come and victimize us.” And victimize us they would, with abandon, as they have proven with their riots of the last few days. They will come in force and take anything they want, because they will not have to fear being called to account for their crimes, with no cops. Politicians who support this idea are incompetent, and it is their policies that have caused the problem. Find me a city run by conservative politicians that have similar problems on a regular basis. And get rid of the one that paid thousands of dollars of other people’s money to write “Black Lives Matter” in four-foot letters in the street not far from the White House. (Just common sense)

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