Wednesday, June 17, 2020

It's A Damned Lie!

Every time you see a criminal on TV in one of the “cop shows,” he’s shooting at the cops with a full-auto Machine gun. Which paints a very different picture of what happens in reality. The instance of crooks using machine guns is only in the imaginations of the writers and “prop masters” of those shows. Most criminals can’t even afford a machine gun, much less use it properly. The only way they even get one is to steal it—which is not inhibited in the least by anti-gun laws. They’re shown spraying bullets in all directions while those “intrepid cops” patiently wait until they have to change clips, then kill him with one shot. Yeah, right. Fanciful thinking. The fact is, most criminals are lucky to have a “Saturday Night Special” which today is a 9mm Glock, or something like it. It’s very rare when they have a gun anything like a machine gun. The idea of a criminal walking around with a machine gun under his coat is ludicrous, but the TV writers don’t care. Gunmen spraying bullets everywhere is very exciting, and it builds viewership. So they continue to write their scripts that way, and nobody can stop them. It IS “fiction,” after all. But it does present a very twisted picture of what real cops are up against. And politicians like “Horse-Face” John Kerry talking about “knowing all about AR-16s because I hunt” after sponsoring useless anti-gun legislation doesn’t help any. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

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