Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Twisting the Facts

That’s how people promote ideas that are stupid. Just lie about them. That’s what Bloomberg was doing when he claimed that 2,900 CHILDREN die by gun violence every year. Of course, his “definition” of child includes young adults up to 19 years of age. Most of which are gang members and are shooting back, adding to the total. His figures also include suicides as well as homicides. What he is doing shows plainly that he KNOWS he is lying about “gun control,” and doesn’t care. He paints himself as a “brave advocate of public safety who is not afraid of the gun lobby.” As if the gun lobby is going to actually physically attack him. As with most anti-gun fools, he wants us to think that, just because they have guns, they will use them on people like him, so his opposition to the “gun lobby” is a “dangerous position.” This is a typical scam used by anti-gun fools to prop up their numbers: quote a fanciful number inflated by misleading the figures, and tout it to the skies. Even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) uses figures that include “children” up to 17, many of which are shooting each other. Even so, that brings the number of “children’s deaths by gunfire” down 73%. With only 2 years’ difference in the inflated numbers. (Reason)

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