Tuesday, June 9, 2020

"Trump's A Threat"

That’s what most Dumbocrats say, and at least ONE Republican. Joe Walsh, nominally a Republican who acts like a dedicated Dumbocrat, dropped his bid for the presidency immediately after discovering there was NO market for his type of Republicanism. In Iowa, where Trump got 98%, he only got 1%. That must have been a real revelation to him. He fervently thought he had a chance, as do most Dumocrats. They SAY Trumps a threat, but they can’t say why, except for a few policies of Trump’s with which they don’t agree. They have no evidence of corruption on his part, while there is ample evidence of corruption on the Dumocrat side, which is ignored. I just don’t understand these “Trump haters.” They ignore all the good things Trump has done for this country in their irrational hatred of a man who has proven himself to be unbeatable. Trump has brought back the “good economy” Obama told us would never return to cover up his inability to do so, but they will not admit it. They keep harping on the “bubble theory,” saying this economy CAN’T stay this good, and “the bubble will burst” soon, hurting us all.” They are “doom-sayers” and can’t accept anything Trump does as good. If it was revealed that Trump was “The Second Coming,” they’d deny it, even as he proved it, conclusively. (TTN 45)

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