Monday, June 29, 2020

Connecticut Registering Guns

They’re lining up in long lines to register their guns and high-capacity magazines. The incompetent politicians there think that will reduce gun violence. I think one guy said it all: “Criminals won’t be registering their guns.” Another said, “If all they want is to know where they are, it’s okay with me.” Which, of course, shows his ignorance at just what massive gun registration means. If they know where they are, it will be easier to confiscate them later. But “knowing where they are” will do NOTHING to stop criminals and crazies from doing their dirty work. When are these stupid politicians going to wise up? Registering guns doesn’t work. Keeping honest people from owning guns won’t work; it will just make criminals, with their ILLEGAL guns have more unarmed victims. Do we have to “crack their heads?” Just common sense)

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