Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Brreakdown of Law & Order

I’m worried. Like never before. I was worried in the sixties at what I saw happening, when I wrote my first missive about what was going on, called, “Remember Pearl Harbor,” pointing out the similarity between what happened just before the start of WWII to what was happening then. I thought, in my ignorance, that we only had about 15 years left before the Soviets “took over” in the United States. I was wrong. We somehow won out against all their efforts. Today it’s worse. We didn’t have nearly the degree of a breakdown in law and order then that we have now. Which is because of the failure of the Dumbocrat “leadership: to back up their police when they operate “by the book.” I call them “Dumbocrats” to show my complete contempt for them, and their failure of leadership. Yes, there are a few—very few-- “bad cops” who exceed their authority and abuse people.

They could be “weeded out” and eliminated, if the Dumbocrat “leadership” would just act when they do, and NOT when they go “by the book.” The cops know that, in most places run by Dumbocrat politicians, they may not be supported by their “leaders.” The mobs gather, and then attack the cops while they are doing their lawful duty, and many times the cops withdraw, leaving the field open to the lawbreakers. That happened recently, when they were making a lawful arrest, the mob attacked, throwing all kinds of things at them, from rocks and bottles to broken pieces of concrete, many of which could be deadly missiles if they hit somebody. Meanwhile, the cops can’t use their guns, and are restricted in other things that are effective in controlling people, even though they are being attacked in a deadly manner by the mob, so they withdrew. In other places, the top cops realize they THEY are “hamstrung” in their efforts by the things their politicians (mostly Dumbocrats) will not let them use. Meanwhile, the mob is not constrained in what they can, and DO use against the cops.

I remember seeing the police chief in Minneapolis talking to the press, telling them she is fed up with what is happening, and is going to end it. Behind her, “photobombing” her statement, is a goofy looking character wearing what can be best described as a pink “dress,” adorned with several slogans, with his hair standing straight up, looking amused while he listened. Then he adopted a look that said plainly he didn’t believe what she was saying. He was very close to her, and behind her. In a normal world, he would have been “taken down,” hard, if he fought. In this world, this misfit malcontent was allowed to get within a couple feet of this police chief, where if he wished, he could easily have hurt her badly before she even knew he was there. With no cop close enough to intervene quickly enough.

In Atlanta, a mob has “taken over” the parking lot of that infamous Wendy’s restaurant which was the scene of a “righteous” police shooting of a subject that was fighting them, using their own weapons against them. The Wendy’s the mob set on fire, even though they were not responsible for anything except to do what was the normal thing to do when some drunken fool falls asleep in line and wouldn’t wake up—and so far (at this writing), the cops have allowed it. When law and order breaks down, that’s when the revolution begins, and it is the misfits and malcontents who will be on top if they can continue to count on the ineffective “leadership” of their Dumbocrat politicians. (Just common sense)

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