Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Background Check No Effect

One of the most popular measures loved by anti-gun fools is the background check. And it is the LEAST effective. In California, where background checks are “the norm” when buying a gun, they had NO EFFECT on the number of gun deaths, according to a recent study. And researchers are “puzzled” at why. Can these people be that stupid? I’m just an old man at his computer and I can easily figure out why. Law-breakers do not OBEY laws, and do not stand for a background check when they get their guns illegally. And it is the law-breakers who are the problem, not the law-abiding, who DO stand for background checks when they buy their guns LEGALLY. There’s no real reason for such laws, except to give the politicians something to brag about at today’s cocktail party. Of course, they have a ready excuse for their “surprising findings.” “Incomplete data and flawed criminal record reporting” are responsible, of course. Naturally they discount the whole idea that criminals don’t obey laws. And, of course, this study got little media notice because it did not fit their preconceived notions. (FEE)

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