Thursday, June 25, 2020

Not For A Minute

Do I believe the polls that are coming out all the time saying “Sleepy Joe” Biden is leading Trump in so many polls, while hiding in his basement. Meanwhile, President Trump is routinely filling large stadiums with thousands of eager supporters, in spite of the “doom and gloom” warnings from Dumbocrats about attendees getting the virus. I think the old saw about Dumbocrats polling other Dumbocrats in the DNC Lobby is a lot more true than anybody imagined. They poll in Dumbocrat strongholds, among Dumbocrats, who can be counted on to lie about whatever the DNC tells them to lie about. They ask questions that are guaranteed to elicit answers they want to hear, true, or not. When I see a photo (not Photoshopped) of Biden standing at a lonely lectern, giving his standard speech to an almost completely empty room that held only about 20 people, who didn’t even notice when he entered the room, I find it hard to believe he can ever garner enough votes to win out against the “Trump Train.” (Just common sense)

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