Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Actions of Fools

2013 was a year of fool actions, to be sure. But will 2020 be any better? Not with the anti-gun fools being still in office. The problem is not the very EXISTENCE of guns; it is that people with bad intentions GET guns. Lawmakers THINK making laws against criminals having guns (which, unfortunately, includes good people having guns for self-defense) will stop the crooks from seeking out illicit gun dealers who sell their guns out of the trunk of their cars in back alleys. They will NOT. But that never deters these fools from making their useless laws that do nothing but give ILLEGALLY-armed criminals a steady stream of unarmed VICTIMS; which makes crime rates rise, and, more importantly, makes the number of gun deaths also rise. Nobody seems to be able to get through to these ignoramuses. They’re “tone deaf” to logic. Some even deny the very EXISTENCE of logic. Maybe some day these fools will “wise up.” I hope it happens before some criminal shoots them with an ILLEGAL gun. (Just common sense).

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