Monday, June 8, 2020

Why No Protests?

The fools of the world were quick to protest and demonstrate when George Floyd was murdered by that ONE “dirty cop” in Minneapolis, but nobody seems to be concerned about all the cops who have been ambushed and killed, both before and after Floyd’s unfortunate death. Yeah, I know. Those predisposed to demonstrate, even riot over the death of a black man just aren’t interested in demonstrating over the deaths of a few cops. That shows me where their priorities are. The cops, most of whom are fine people doing a difficult and dangerous thankless job, go out every day and try there best to keep people safe, while a small number of damned fools go out and murder them. And except for a few of us, nobody seems to care when some thugs ambush and kill these easily identified people by their distinctive uniforms and cars. Yet they keep coming to work every day, just doing their jobs, in spite of the danger. It would serve these fools right if the cops disbanded themselves and just “walked away.” The people they are protecting (not all, thankfully) just don’t appreciate what they do for them and the wish to disband the cops is something they just haven’t thought out very well. (Just common sense)

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