Monday, June 1, 2020

"Just Taking What's Ours"

One gutty reporter confronted one of the rioters in Minneapolis and asked why they were causing violent riots and that rioter had the audacity to say, “We’re only taking what’s ours!” What a misguided notion THAT is! The property of other does NOT belong to those rioters. They are “the dregs of society” who are USING the death of George Floyd as an excuse to steal property that is NOT theirs. These riots have ceased to be about Floyd’s death and have become a vehicle for chaos and thievery. The fools have taken over the streets. Yes, the City of Minneapolis has a clear problem with police brutality, as is illustrated by the fact that no less than 44 people have been rendered unconscious by an officer with his knee on their necks—with none of them being punished. That city is being run by Dumbocrats, as in many great cities, and the policies they impose CONTRIBUTE to bad behavior, not only on the part of the cops, but by citizens, as well—which only makes things worse. I shudder when I hear about politicians turning violent criminals loose for a spurious reason so they can prey on innocent people—and then they wonder why their crime rate skyrockets. They CLAIM they’re only releasing non-violent criminals, but the facts put the lie to that claim. And former presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar contributed to that by refusing to punish this murderous cop in previous cases of brutality. 99-44/100% of cops are “good guys,” but it is only the “bad guys” among them that get noticed, to the detriment of those “good guys.” (Just common sense)

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