Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The War on Cops

These riots have devolved from concern for the wanton killing of a black man in Minneapolis by a cop into a “killing spree” against cops. The cops are at a disadvantage because they know their liberal politicians do not “have their backs.” They carry guns but are not allowed to use them, or even brandish them as criminals and hoodlums throw bricks at their heads, run them over with cars, gang up on them and beat the hell out of them, and even shoot them to death. Recently, in New York city, a cop drew his gun in defense of a “white shirt” (officer) somebody threw a brick at, Mayor DiBlasio, the man who was so “proud” of his daughter for getting arrested, from his “Ivory Tower,” said that cop should be fired, when that cop, fearing for his life and the life of one of his officers, brandished his gun to run off the attacker. I salute that cop for not shooting. I would have shot the SOB who threw that brick. One of a pallet of bricks that have mysteriously appeared in riot areas. They criticize President Trump for threatening real opposition to their terrorism on the streets, as they threaten to “come into the burbs and take what’s ours.” These cops know about the four cops in St. Louis who were shot, one government employee who was shot to death, several cops who were severely beaten when ganged up on by rioters. DiBlasio should “come out of his Ivory Tower” and find out what it’s like to be forced to try and restore order against deadly force without the backing of your politicians. (Just common sense)

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