Wednesday, July 10, 2019

"We Must Ban Bullets"

The anti-gun fools have seized upon something the "founding fathers" overlooked in writing the Constitution. Actually MENTIONING the right to buy bullets. They think the Constitution doesn't give us the right to buy bullets for our guns, since bullets were not specifically mentioned. Therefore, they're starting a campaign to BAN BULLETS. They're beginning by assuming the founders didn't include bullets in their recognition of our RIGHT to self defense, and to buy and use the means to that end, a gun. They're pretending that, because the founders didn't specifically MENTION bullets in their recognition of our right to self defense. The founders never envisioned somebody so STUPID as to think they didn't include bullets, and thought it was unnecessary to specifically MENTION them. That they included them in their declaration by the very fact that, guns were USELESS without them doesn't enter into the thinking of the anti-gun fools. They just aren't smart enough. But the Founders DID include bullets by their very insistence that we should retain the right to the means of self defense, a gun--that without bullets are USELESS. A simple object, without function, or use, except as a club. They're only trying to make bullet buyers stand for background checks and obey some of their other stupid laws now that only apply to the law-abiding, who aren't the problem, anyway. It is the lawBREAKER who creates the vast majority of "gun violence," and they can't be bothered to obey their stupid laws. But they will soon enlarge that to an outright BAN on buying ammunition of any kind, since it is not, according to them, covered by the Second Amendment. Of course, there will arise soon a "black market" in BULLETS, and the lawbreakers will have their bullets, while the law-abiding will NOT. What STUPIDITY that reveals! (America's First Freedom)

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