Friday, July 5, 2019

Democrats Threaten A Child

Eight year old Ava Martinez made a series of very funny videos on Facebook that made fun of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez by repeating her words. That made Dumocrats very mad, and they made death threats against this precocious child, so she’s not going to make any more. So I guess they can claim a victory over an 8-year-old child. Brave people! Dumocrats have been advising other Dumocrats to use violence against Trump supporters all over, so people who aren’t young enough or big enough to defend themselves won’t “dare” wear a “MAGA” Hat in public, lest they be assaulted by an out-of-control Dumocrat. In some cases, they didn’t even have to wear that hat to be violently assaulted by a Dumocrat “believer.” In several cases, a Dumocrat just walked up and slugged a Trump supporter (or just a non-Dumocrat) in the face, putting some in the hospital. Recently, they attacked a “conservative” newsman, causing him permanent physical damage, and then stealing his photographic equipment. Dumocrats falsely claim Trump’s rhetoric has caused violence against Dumocrats, though there have been no REAL reports of such. But Dumocrats are famous for accusing their opponents of what THEY are doing. (Law Officer)

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