Tuesday, July 23, 2019

"Gun Control Litmus Test"

Dumocrats are whining about Trump having a “gun control litmus test” for his new Supreme Court nominee, which is stupid. There needs to be no “litmus test” for Supreme Court Justices. The freedom of American citizens to be armed for self defense against all comers—INCLUDING the government, itself, is THE LAW. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which is the FOUNDATION on which ALL our laws sits, MANDATES it. And ANY Justice that is named, MUST uphold it. That is not a “litmus test,” it is a matter of LAW. The Dumocrats still think they can “get around” that, if they can somehow get a Justice in who is willing to IGNORE the Constitution, and allow their unconstitutional laws to NOT be declared unconstitutional. Dumocrats DEPEND on liberals being appointed to the Court, so they can get them to approve their unconstitutional actions, and it won’t work with Trump’s nominee, with the only “litmus test” being the Constitution, and the REQUIREMENT that any Justice uphold it. Their very Oath of office DEMANDS that they uphold the Constitution. Unfortunately, way too many politicians think that oath is “just some words,” and they have no obligation to adhere to it. (Guns)

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