Thursday, July 11, 2019

Rob Lowe's Joke

Liberals have again showed that they have no sense of humor. No wonder late-night comedians have forsaken funny in favor of political criticism, usually of conservatives, but most often of President Trump. Thinly-disguised criticism masquerading as comedy. Now what somebody makes a real joke, but on the actions of a liberal Dumocrat, those easily offended jerks “go bananas” and force an apology. I refer to Rob Lowe’s joke, lampooning “Pokahontas” Elizabeth Warren’s propensity to claim (falsely) American Indian heritage (Sorry, PC Police, I don’t use PC terms). The joke was: “Elizabeth Warren would bring a whole new meaning to the term, commander in chief.” Funny. But not to liberals. They just can’t stand ANYTHING that calls attention to their foolishness, and they “went bananas,” so Rob ended up deleting the Tweet in which it appeared, and apologized. That was unnecessary. Anything that “triggers” liberals is a good thing. I work hard to do that every day, and I’m not ever going to delete something I said or wrote. And no apologies. If liberals can’t handle it, tough. Get used to it. (Inside Scoop Politics)

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