Friday, July 19, 2019

"Don't Mess With Mom"

One stupid thug tried to carjack a car with two kids in it, and ended up with lots of woe. The mother saw him jump into her car with her kids, and jumped in with them, demanding he get out. He refused, so she shot him. The shot didn’t kill him, but it caused him to run into a utility pole. The woman, and her kids were not injured. But the bad guy? Not so much. He’s in the hospital, and will go quickly to prison after being released. This is a good lesson for bad guys everywhere: “Don’t get between a mother and her children.” There is nothing more fierce than a mom, if you threaten her children. Better yet, don’t do the crime, at all. She could have killed him, but didn’t, although she shot him in the head. He must have a really hard head. And, yes, this is yet more evidence that letting Americans carry guns for protection really does help stop crime. One crime at a time. The more bad guys you kill, the fewer crimes will be committed, including “gun crimes.” (Daily Caller)

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