Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gun Control By Proxy

They can't ban guns. It's in the Constitution. So they're doing all they can to make it impossible to USE the guns you're allowed to buy legally. Now they're targeting ammunition and, can you believe it, GUN OIL. They're making it impossible for anybody to make ammunition legally, and they're buying up every container of gun oil they can find. so much so that the only major producer of gun oil is having to TRIPLE their production, just to handle sales to the GOVERNMENT. And that necessitates them shutting down sales to anybody else! Of course, you know what's going to happen. There is going to rise a BLACK MARKET in gun oil AND ammunition to match the already existing black market in guns. So soon the only way you'll be able to get a gun OR ammunition, OR gun oil will be to buy it in a back alley somewhere, out of the trunk of a criminal's car. The same way criminals get the guns they don't STEAL to use in victimizing the law-abiding, who OBEY gun laws, even if they don't like them. Even if none of them work as advertised. So if you want to be able to have the means to defend yourself against all the millions of guns in the hands of bad guys, you're going to have to become a criminal yourself, and buy one ILLEGALLY. And to be able to use it if a criminal tries to victimize you, you'll have to get your bullets and gun oil the same way. It's "gun control by proxy." And will soon make criminals of all of us. (Just common sense)

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