Wednesday, July 3, 2019

"Demands Action" On Guns

Kelly Clarkson is the latest clueless celebrity to call for "action on guns." WHAT action, pray tell, Kelly? There has been plenty of "action on guns" in the past. There is always calls for more after every mass shooting, in a school, or somewhere else. But if you ask such people WHAT action, they can't tell you. They assume you'll find SOMETHING that will stop gun violence, but they have no idea what that would be, They just expect others to come up with something. Nobody has yet come up with anything that works, and nobody's likely to do so any time in the future. But fools like Kelly keep demanding it, without having a clue what it would be. That's the problem. They have no idea what would work, but they insist that somebody else come up with something. It's an impossible assignment. Meanwhile, they will not even CONSIDER the one idea that might have an effect on gun violence, allowing people to own and carry their own guns for self defense. They think to do so would be to create a "wild West atmosphere" where people would be shooting each other over trifles. Never mind that holders of ILLEGAL guns are doing just that, right now. Just look at any large city, such as Chicago, that has a major gang shooting problem in spite of all their tight gun laws. Gangs shoot people *with their illegal guns) who stem on "their turf" without permission. Nothing could be more trivial than that. (Breitbart)

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