Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Call Them "The Crew"

That’s what some people call those four freshmen congresswomen led by AOC. Others call them “The Squad.” I call them “The Coven.” Because that’s what they are: a bunch of witches who came to Congress with the express purpose of doing it damage. They’ve done nothing but complain about things we hold dear, since being elected in districts that are heavily liberal. A couple of them are Muslims, and as such have no loyalty to America OR the Congress, Their FIRST loyalty is to Islam. Their very way of thinking is an anathema to everything American, and they show it every time they open their blow-holes. They call anybody who opposes them, or criticizes them in any way racists, while they are the worst kind of racists, themselves. This is a weakness in our kind of governing, that we cannot control the kinds of people who manage to get themselves elected in areas dominated by liberals who also hate America. If they hate it so much, one wonders why they stay. But when the president suggests that if they don’t like it here, they can leave, they call HIM a racist. They make a big thing out of the fact that all four are “brown or black women,” ignoring their “hate America” stance. Nobody cares what color they are. They can be purple with yellow polka-dots and I wouldn’t care. It’s their attitude I resent. Now, instead of doing important work, Congress is wasting time censuring President Trump for something he said about them in response to their ignorant words and attitude. (Legal Insurrection)

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