Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Gun Control Dream

Gun control is just that. A dream. It's a dream that many stupid politicians have, and they impose it upon you while making you an "easy target" for lawbreakers, who break laws for a LIVING. They pass silly laws that lawbreakers routinely break. They're lawbreakers, after all. That has been proven conclusively in every major city with tight gun laws. Cities such as Chicago, where they have just about every silly gun law in existence in force, yet they still have some of the HIGHEST numbers of gun violence and gun murders in existence, anywhere. In Great Britain they have virtually BANNED guns. But they still maintain high levels of gun violence, coupled with KNIFE violence, which is fast becoming a major problem, to the extent that people will soon be required to REGISTER their cooking knives. Why no politicians take notice of that and act accordingly is one of the most appalling circumstances. Politicians are supposed to be intelligent. But no anti-gun politician IS intelligent. That's a given. If they were, they'd abandon gun control laws, which NEVER work, and go to work on a REAL solution. But alas, they never will. That takes intelligence, of which they have none. (Oath Keepers)

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