Thursday, July 11, 2019

They Can't Understand It

Dumocrats have worked very hard to lower the approval rating for President Trump. Similar efforts have worked before. They certainly worked when they used them on George Herbert Walker Bush, and he lost the election that would have given him a second eight year term. They almost did the same to his son, who did manage to win his second term. But no matter how they lie, no matter how many phony “scandals” they try and attach to him, their schemes and scams just don’t work, and that mystifies them. They just can’t understand how a “dolt” like Trump can not only maintain a good rating, he attains record levels of approval after the Dumocrats have done everything in their power to block and obstruct him. Worse, he’s “making inroads” on his efforts to “drain the swamp,” and that frightens them because they ARE “the swamp.” What they just don’t understand is that he has the actual backing of “the people.” Dumocrats are in the minority, whether they know it, or not. Trump supporters have “come out of the woodwork,” in spite of the Dumocrat-fostered violence directed against them. They badly want to stop the Dumocrats from destroying this country, and are determined to do it. Dumocrats just can’t understand that. (Legal Insurrection)

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