Thursday, July 18, 2019

Ayatolla Wants Gun Control

In America. That's right, the Ayatolla Khamenei, in IRAN, wants gun control IN AMERICA, for AMERICANS. Where the hell he gets the idea he has anything to say about gun control in America is a mystery. They might have laws against gun ownership in Iran for their CITIZENS, but you can bet all their government agents have them. There is no such thing as the Second amendment in Iran, so the Ayatolla just doesn't understand ours. He thinks our government can just BAN guns, and they'll magically disappear. Forget there are MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns in America, mostly owned by criminals, and Islamic terrorists (which he supports). But he knows that, and he can't pretend he doesn't. But he does. He hopes one day to come here and "take over," (he's stupid that way) and he wants as few guns in the hands of Americans as possible. Pretty much the same thinking as anti-gun fool politicians here. They want to come after our property sometime in the future, and THEY want as few guns in our hands as possible. (CNS)

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