Friday, July 5, 2019

The Swamp Is Terrified

They never thought their attempted coup would ever be investigated by the wimpy Republicans that seem to just take what comes and apologize. But they didn’t consider Donald Trump in their figuring. Donald Trump is not one to “take what comes and apologize.” He fights back—and he usually wins. It’s about time somebody investigated “Mueller’s Raiders” and their illegal and unconstitutional tactics that include questioning “subjects” without their attorneys present, or questioning them time after time for hours and hours at a time WITH their attorneys present, thus causing them to be “wiped out” financially, then threatening long prison terms they could not provide if they don’t “say something” against Donald Trump, true or not. The tactic is designed to “wear them down” so they’ll “confess” to SOMETHING, just to “make it stop.” They have ruined several people that way, while their only “crime” is being associated with Donald Trump in some way, whether it be working for him, or just shaking his hand once. It worked with Trump’s long-ago attorney, who is now making up things to say about Trump, in return for a shorter prison sentence. Trump’s promised “investigation of the investigators” has the “swamp” going bananas in their efforts to stop him before this investigation can get started, since they know what they’ve done, and are sore afraid he will expose it. they’re trying their best to discredit AG Barr, who is the instrument of their downfall—unfortunately for them. Barr cannot be discredited. (Just common sense)

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