Friday, July 12, 2019

"Background Checks Really Work"

Yeah, right! but they don't, if the bureaucrats running them Are competent, and apparently, they are NOT. There is no telling how many times convicted felons have LIED while filling out their Form 4473, saying they had never been convicted of a felony, while the bureaucrats running things "phone it in," and pass him. That's what happened recently in Indiana. This guy had beat an attempted murder rap after stabbing his sister by claiming insanity; he had a long "rap sheet" that included charges of theft, robbery, and criminal recklessness. But the FBI still passed him. He bought jhis gun, and not six hours later to shoot his landlord when he came for the rent. Cops found him hiding wearing a motorcycle helmet, heavy clothes, and with two guns and several knives. The FBI used the usual bureaucrat excuse, saying, "It fell through the cracks." Which is an euphemism for "their incompetence and sloppy work." (Range 365)

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